Two Large, Three Small, One Hatchling, Five Chrysalids

Exciting changes in the Monarch enclosure! Yesterday, I woke up to three new chrysalids. One was hidden in a precarious place. It was attached to a wilting milkweed stalk. Thanks to the advice of two of my friends, I was able to remove the branch and sew it to the top of the mesh enclosure. Initially, the tender chrysalis bore an indentation where it was pressed against the stem. However, the chrysalis puffed out nicely after it was transferred to its new location.

With so much pupation, I felt that it was safe to bring the smaller caterpillars out of their nursery. I am a little leery when the much larger caterpillars are near much smaller ones. In order to avoid accidental cannibalism, the smaller caterpillars have been living in a Mason jar with a cheesecloth cover.

New Home

The egg hatched. New caterpillars are so tiny!

A large caterpillar climbed to the top of the enclosure. Upside down, he perched next to the first chrysalis. He seemed deep in contemplation, as if to ponder his impending transformation. But the time I went to bed, he chose his spot and formed a “J”. In the morning, I saw two chrysalids side by side.

While collecting milkweed to feed the caterpillars, I found a young caterpillar on on a tiny stalk. She measures about 1.5 centimeters.

Newest Caterpillar

It is Friday, August 13th. The air is hot, humid, and full of the promise of change.

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