Hellstrip Heaven

Metamorphosis of a Liminal Space – Static Lawn to Dynamic Habitat

Hellstrip – land between the sidewalk and the curb. Usually this is a liminal space with no clearly defined use. It is often owned by the city, but its maintenance is the responsibility of the home owner. It is often an overlooked place, devoid of visual interest. It is often just a narrow swath of green lawn.

But, what would happen if this “hellstrip” transformed into a wildlife heaven? What if this barren plain became a vibrant haven for wildlife and flowers?
A few years ago, I tore out my hellstrip lawn and planted wildflower seeds. Static lawn was replaced by a vibrant ecosystem abuzz with life. The Hellstrip is an ever evolving place.

Come share and delight in the process of metamorphosis!

My name is Christine. I live in Massachusetts with my husband, daughter, son, dog, cat, and turtle.


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