There was an injured cat on Marion Ave. The cat lived in a garage. There was a small opening at the bottom of the door where cats could enter and leave the garage. I set two traps near the aperture. I baited them with canned tuna and sardines in oil.

Almost immediately, I saw a cat poke out from the opening. I thought that I was going to get lucky: this would be a quick day! At first, this cat seemed to fit the description of the injured cat. But, this was not my target. And, she was trapped before I knew it.

Cat Trapping

I do not release trapped cats, unless they have an eartip. Cats that have been previously spayed or neutered have a small slice removed from the tip of the left ear. This shows rescuers that they have already been fixed.

It is too difficult to re-trap a cat. So, unless there is an eartip, I must make a plan for them. This cat did not have an eartip, so I had to bring her home. I place friendly cats with rescues. Feral cats need to wait for an opening with a feral clinic. Second Chance in Worcester offers a low cost program for ferals. For $45, feral cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and eartipped.

Example of an Eartip. This is my cat, Black Rex. I think that his eartip is a bit extreme.

This was not an easy trapping day. Read about it here:

I had to pack up for a bit in order to pick up my son from school. I brought the trapped cat to my house. I evaluated her in the bathroom. She was friendly, so I set her up in the bathroom. She was very affectionate. I noticed that she was pregnant.

I named her Marion because she was found on Marion Ave. Also, this was my grandmother’s name.

Broken Tail Rescue offered to take Marion. I had her at my house for one night before her new foster family came to get her. Marion is safe off the streets and will raise her kittens in a warm, loving home.

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