Cat with Leg Injury

My friend Mary asked for help. There’s an injured cat on Marion Street. Her leg is broken. I can see the bones. Tufts will take her tomorrow. Time is of the essence. If we don’t catch her today, we will either have to wait a week for Tufts, or find another arrangement. So, tonight’s the night!

Delightful Pregnant Stray

I started today at 9:30am. I managed to trap a friendly cat early in the day. She is friendly and will go to a rescue.

I had to pack it up at 2:15 in order to pick up my son from school. My husband got home at 4:30, so I was able to head back for 5pm.

I can see her. She is sitting near the trap. But, she doesn’t seem to want to go in. Many other cats are attracted to the tuna and sardines. This is why I must try a “targeted trapping”. I don’t have a plan for everyone yet. Since I have been here at 5, I have seen 3 big tom cats and a petite dilute calico.

It is now 6pm. I have been waiting for the person who lives here to open the garage. I feel like I may have more success if I have her in an enclosed space. She seems friendly, but cautious. I may be able to scoop her up and stick her in a transfer cage. I will wear my leather gauntlets.

Mary is not available until 9pm. She may have to come back here with her drop trap.

The man came home and opened the garage. The garage was completely packed with various motorcycles, atvs, and bicycles. I closed the door and blocked the hole at the base with a trap. Movement throughout the garage was a challenge due to all the bikes. It involved a level of athleticism that I never knew I had!

I first spotted the cat on a shelf behind some bmx bikes. Despite her severe injury, she was able to move quickly. She rushed to the hole in the door. She turned back when she saw that it was blocked. She scampered to the back of the garage and hid under a moldering dresser. I had to hobble and climb over various bikes and tools. She ran off again. This time she was on the other side of the garage behind a motorbike. I strained my left hamstring climbing over an ATV. My feet, clad in L.L.Bean boots felt large and cumbersome. There was little room for even one foot at a time.

I was able to reach her. I gave her a little canned tuna, which she happily lapped from my hand. I was able to scruff her, but I didn’t even have a stable place to put the transfer cage. She scurried off to her original hiding place on the shelf. I was able to squeeze myself behind some bikes and on one foot, like a demented flamingo, I was able to scruff and stuff her into the carrier. Success!

I brought the cat to Mary’s house. Mary will take her to Tufts in the morning. It is likely that the leg will need to be amputated. But, she is a friendly girl, and will be able to enjoy a good life in a nice, new home.

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