Meet Boba! I have been trying to trap this big boy since October.  Boba had been living on the streets for at least a couple of years.  Some kind ladies had been feeding a group of stray cats, including Boba.  Until recently, the cats had access to the cellar of the apartment. But, the apartment is undergoing renovations.  The cellar was boarded up. This was probably best for the integrity of the property, but it left the cats without their home. To make matters worse, the ladies on the third floor are being forced out by rent increases. They worry about the cats. The cats rely on them for food and water.

Boba’s Old Home

  I was able to rescue five other cats from this site. They were all friendly strays.  Local rescue groups took them in and found them good homes. Thank you to Broken Tail Rescue, Black Cat Rescue and Neady Cats!

Rescue for two of the cats was easy. I was able to scoop them up and put them in carriers. But, even though they were friendly, the other three required traps.

Boba was the first cat that I saw when I checked out the site. A few days later, he was eating tuna out of my hand. I was able to scoop him up. I was almost able to get him into a carrier. But, last minute, he turned, and broke free.

So frustrating! I was so close to catching him. I set traps in November, December, and early January. Boba was elusive. Trapping efforts were often thwarted by noisy construction work on the first floor.

Such joy and celebration when Boba went into the trap. Months of driving into the city and setting traps. The waiting. The pungent scent of sardines, clanging metal. The anxiety.

I brought Boba home. I released him into the bathroom for assessment. Based on my past interactions with him, I knew that he wasn’t feral. He left the trap and searched around the room. He settled on the ledge of the tub. He growled when I approached him. I sat on the floor and he sat next to me. But, he swatted and growled when I tried to pet him. However, he perked up when I presented him with cat treats. Gingerly, he ate the treats from my hand.

Boba was not thrilled to go into a carrier. I settled him into a dog crate in the cellar. It is not an ideal set up. But, it is a means to an end. He is safe and he is on his way to a better life.

My bathroom is like Ellis Island for cats. It is the only room in my house with a door that closes reliably. Cats can relax comfortably and I can take photos of them. But, it is the only bathroom in our house. This causes issues. So, I use the bathroom for socializing and assessment, but new cats must be crated in the cellar.

Boba does not like to be touched or approached. He hisses when he sees me. He swats if touched. But, he is food motivated. He will eat treats out of my hand. He comes right up to me when he eats his meals. I sit on a pillow next to the open door of the crate. We sit side by side.

I wonder what Boba’s life was like. He is a big tom cat , covered in small scars. He is fearful of people. But, he shows so much promise.

I think that Boba would do well in a quiet household with at least one other cat. He sweetly trills when he catches a glimpse of my cats. He seems to enjoy hearing YouTube clips of cats purring.

*Update – Boba was neutered last week. Broken Tail Rescue covered his medical expenses. Unfortunately, Boba tested positive for FIV. This is pretty common for big boys like Boba. Cats with FIV can lead long happy lives.

I have moved Boba’s crate upstairs. Now, he enjoys looking at birds and squirrels through a window. He also has more interaction with my cats.

However, Boba is still not “adoptable” at this point. He is very food motivated. He comes right up to me and even eats treats out of my hand. But, when the food is gone, he will retreat to his bed. He does not want to be touched. Sometimes, I can pet him while he is eating. But, usually, he growls and swats at me. He has made some progress, but he needs more time and patience.

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