In the first week of February, I rescued a cat with a broken leg. I was thrilled to get her off the streets and provide her with medical care.  However, I felt terrible about leaving her kitten behind.  This single kitten was on her own in the cold.  She was wily.  It took over a week for her to get trapped.

Kitten playing by the trap…but not going in!

The kitten was a cute dilute calico.  She was about 10 weeks old.  Even though that may seem young, it is a little bit older than ideal for rescue purposes.  In general, feral kittens under the age of 8 weeks can be domesticated easily.  However, kittens older than 8 weeks are a gamble.  They require extra care and attention.  Even under the best circumstances, there is no guarantee that they will become “adoptable” kittens. 

Purring kitten

I named her “Peach”.  Despite having no human contact, Peach responded well to being held.  She loved to be cuddled and showed her appreciation with loud purrs.  But, the moment I put her down, she would act like a skittish feral.  She would literally climb the walls seeking a way out of the bathroom. 

My kitty helper

Although I absolutely adored Peach, I knew that she would need a different foster home.  In order to become a well socialized cat, Peach would require a secure room and at least one other friendly kitten. 

Princess Peach needs kitty companionship.  Photo courtesy of Lisa Levine.

Luckily, a perfect foster home was able to take Peach.  They renamed her “Princess Peach”.  They had an appropriate environment for socialization and a friendly kitten to help Princess Peach learn to enjoy domestic life.

Princess Peach is playful! Photo courtesy of Lisa Levine
Princess Peach is ready for adoption! Photo courtesy of Lisa Levine

Princess Peach is responding well to socialization.   In fact, after a few weeks, she is ready for adoption to the right home.  Peach needs a quiet home with at least one other friendly young cat.  She is available through Broken Tail Rescue

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