First Monarch Eclose

On July 30th, I found this nice large caterpillar on our milkweed. By August 3rd, the caterpillar formed her chrysalis. Amazingly, on August 10th, I was greeted by the flutter of wings! So quick! We took the butterfly outside, but she was not ready to fly. On the following day, she was eager to beContinue reading “First Monarch Eclose”

Primrose Moths

Primrose caterpillars are born from eggs laid on Primrose flowers. They feast upon their golden cradles and travel down the stalks to burrow below to the roots of the flower. Primrose Moths spend most of their lives dormant. They lay waiting throughout the autumn, winter, spring, and early summer. But for one brief time, theyContinue reading “Primrose Moths”

First Monarch Caterpillars of 2022

July 23rd – first Monarch caterpillar of the year! It is always exciting to find one of these elusive beauties, but the first one is something special . I handed this treasure over to my 9 year old next door neighbor. I provided her with a mesh enclosure and lots of direction. She participated inContinue reading “First Monarch Caterpillars of 2022”

More Pink Moths

I spotted two more blush pink moths nestled inside primrose petals. After some research, I discovered that these were Primrose Moths (Schinia florida); initially I thought they were Rosy Maple Moths. These beautiful moths have a strong connection with their namesake flowers. As nocturnal creatures, they use the primrose petals as protection during the daylightContinue reading “More Pink Moths”

Pretty in Pink

I spotted two Rosy Maple Moths taking shelter inside the petals of the tall primrose. I wonder if their choice of respite is a form of camouflage. The pink buds of the primrose resemble the blush colored hue of the moths. Curled up inside the flowers, I almost overlooked them – they were well hiddenContinue reading “Pretty in Pink”

Clark University’s Hadwen Arboretum

I am always eager to explore nearby hiking sites. Sometimes, I will look at Google Maps to discover green spaces. I came across a place called Hadwen Arboretum at Clark University. Although I have spent most of my life in Worcester, and even attended Clark University, I had never heard of Hadwen Arboretum. Obadiah HadwenContinue reading “Clark University’s Hadwen Arboretum”

Early July on the Hellstrip

The milkweed flowers wither and give way to their plump, silk filled pods. Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea purpura) begin to open, attracting cheerful bees. The Indian Blankets (Gaillardia pulchella) continue to bloom – their red and gold petals contrast the tall green milkweed stalks.

No Spray!

Large-scale spraying of insecticides are in the works. Insecticide use affects all living creatures. Microbes, invertebrates, birds, and mammals are all intrinsically linked in the web of life. Although the government claims that spraying is targeted towards mosquitoes, their website admits that the chemicals are toxic to invertebrates and fish. From the website: But,Continue reading “No Spray!”

Mystery Plant Blooms

Gardening is a leap of faith. You can plan, but you must be flexible. Trust in Nature – and you will find joy “Plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom.” —  Ken Kesey A couple of years ago, we noticed a strange squash-like plant growing near our garage. We were unableContinue reading “Mystery Plant Blooms”