Garden in the Woods

Garden in the Woods is a botanical garden which is singular for its focus on the exhibition of native plants.  Nestled in the heart of busy Middlesex County, Garden in the Woods is a peaceful sanctuary.  Visitors enjoy rustic trails which are dotted with different biomes. 

We started out on a pathway of sun dappled deciduous forest. We marveled at the abundance of umbrella-like Mayapples and enjoyed seeing large Spicebush plants.

The meandering path sloped down to a small kettle pond. The coolness of the forest gave way to a scintillating brightness and humidity. Painted turtles basked on logs. Dragonflies flitted past us shimmering like living jewels.

The pathway led upward through more forest to a sunny clearing. Here, the world buzzed with feasting pollinators. Bright wildflowers perfumed the air.

Tall Thimbleweed and Honey Bee
Crab Spider

The meadow led to a sandy area. Here, we marveled at a large collection of opuntia cacti, the only native cactus of New England.

Opuntia in Bloom

We left the arid heat, as we entered into a fern lined pine forest. We walked along a brook and traversed small wooden bridges. My kids enjoyed a small play area with fun, interactive structures.

We headed uphill towards the visitor center. Here, we were treated to a stunning vista overlooking the sunny meadow. Along the way, we passed the education center. We saw a conservative project in the works; white mesh bags protected growing caterpillars.

Cercopia Moth Nursery

Garden in the Woods is a joy as well as an inspiration. Here, we can see the wisdom of Nature, the intrinsic link between the plants and animals. It is a living testament to the importance of protecting and increasing our native habitats.

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