No Spray!

Large-scale spraying of insecticides are in the works. Insecticide use affects all living creatures. Microbes, invertebrates, birds, and mammals are all intrinsically linked in the web of life.

Although the government claims that spraying is targeted towards mosquitoes, their website admits that the chemicals are toxic to invertebrates and fish.

From the website:

No such thing as “targeted” spraying!

But, even if pesticide use was relatively innocuous, there is another danger associated with the delivery of the chemicals – a far greater threat than the pesticides themselves: PFAS.

No one loves mosquitoes. EEE is a rare, but deadly affliction. But, we should not poison our environment and risk our health in order to reduce our exposure to a relatively rare mosquito borne disease.

The answer is diversity! More bugs, not less. Balance, not elimination! Grow native plants! Encourage all insectivores! What’s good for the bugs, birds, and animals is good for us.

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