First Monarch Caterpillars of 2022

July 23rd – first Monarch caterpillar of the year! It is always exciting to find one of these elusive beauties, but the first one is something special . I handed this treasure over to my 9 year old next door neighbor. I provided her with a mesh enclosure and lots of direction. She participated inContinue reading “First Monarch Caterpillars of 2022”

Six Large, Two Small, One Egg, One Chrysalis, One Hope Human action has long impacted the environment. The U.N. report provides compelling evidence linking human activity to climate change. The scale of this study is so staggering. It is easy to feel hopeless – unable to help with a problem of such magnitude. Perhaps big changes need to begin with small steps – Or,Continue reading “Six Large, Two Small, One Egg, One Chrysalis, One Hope”