No Spray!

Large-scale spraying of insecticides are in the works. Insecticide use affects all living creatures. Microbes, invertebrates, birds, and mammals are all intrinsically linked in the web of life. Although the government claims that spraying is targeted towards mosquitoes, their website admits that the chemicals are toxic to invertebrates and fish. From the website: But,Continue reading “No Spray!”

Mystery Plant Blooms

Gardening is a leap of faith. You can plan, but you must be flexible. Trust in Nature – and you will find joy “Plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom.” —  Ken Kesey A couple of years ago, we noticed a strange squash-like plant growing near our garage. We were unableContinue reading “Mystery Plant Blooms”

Late June on the Hellstrip

The Hellstrip becomes a living rainbow – a riot of color and life. Flame red Indian Blankets (Gaillardia pulchella) burst through the fading milkweed blossoms. A mature Asclepias tuberosa is enchantingly bright and beautiful. Towards the east end of the strip, a large cluster of bright white daisies seem to look at us with cheerfulContinue reading “Late June on the Hellstrip”