All at once, the milkweed have bloomed. The air is redolent with their heady perfume. My Hellstrip plantings seem to facilitate conversation about milkweed. I have had many great chats with the people who have stopped to both admire and ask questions about the growth. In my mind, Milkweed is a vital part of theContinue reading “Rejoice!”

Spicebush Swallowtails

Beautiful, fragrant flowers may attract butterflies with their enticing nectar. However, to truly have a successful butterfly garden, you need to invest in host plants. Host plants provide for the specific dietary needs of caterpillars. Monarchs need milkweed. Painted Ladies need thistles or mallows. Eastern Tiger Swallowtails need native trees such as wild black cherry,Continue reading “Spicebush Swallowtails”

Two Large, Three Small, One Hatchling, Five Chrysalids

Exciting changes in the Monarch enclosure! Yesterday, I woke up to three new chrysalids. One was hidden in a precarious place. It was attached to a wilting milkweed stalk. Thanks to the advice of two of my friends, I was able to remove the branch and sew it to the top of the mesh enclosure.Continue reading “Two Large, Three Small, One Hatchling, Five Chrysalids”

Six Large, Two Small, One Egg, One Chrysalis, One Hope Human action has long impacted the environment. The U.N. report provides compelling evidence linking human activity to climate change. The scale of this study is so staggering. It is easy to feel hopeless – unable to help with a problem of such magnitude. Perhaps big changes need to begin with small steps – Or,Continue reading “Six Large, Two Small, One Egg, One Chrysalis, One Hope”